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Rental Pricing Options:
All prices include maintenance and support.

1 Day:  $50                                         
1 Month:  $150
1 Week:  $250                                     1 Week:  $800
1 Month:  $650                                    1 Month:  $2100
3 Months:  $1800                                 3 Months:  $6000

"The nature of DIT's work is often cyclical, with short-term gigs happening between long-term ones, and job requirements that are always really project-specific. The new rental option for SCRATCH Lab is great because you can turn it on when you need it and turn it off when you don't. This sort of flexibility works really well with our constantly evolving role."

Ben Cain, DIT, 
Girls (HBO)

Pay as you need it

SCRATCH Lab changed the production dailies world because it was the first product that delivered all the power and flexibility of a world-class dailies system at a price on-set professionals could afford. Now, we're raising the bar yet again. 

SCRATCH Lab is the first production dailies product to offer true pay-as-you-use rental options that are available online anytime, anywhere. It's not just about product speeds and feeds anymore. It's about fitting the new way on-set professionals work - making you more productive and helping you make money.

Not ready to rent? Download a trial of SCRATCH Lab.